Tips on Cleaning Leather Furniture

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather furniture is a part of your cleaning process that shouldn’t be missed. Although it’s not difficult at all, you certainly need to use the right cleaning methods for this purpose. In the article below are given some useful tips and instructions on how to properly clean your upholstered furniture.

You know that leather is a durable fabric and that’s why it should be maintained properly to keep its beauty and shine. As cleaning Slough professionals explain, cleaning this type of furniture is simple and easy process, however, you need to follow a few tips, so you can make sure it is done properly. When it comes to removing stains from leather furniture, you should determine the type of the stain and treat them one by one with the right cleaning products and techniques. Take a look at the following methods and you will learn the best tips on cleaning leather furniture.

For general cleaning on leather furniture you can use household products instead of commercial cleaners that contain harmful chemicals. As a good household cleaner, the vinegar works great in this case. What you need to do is to prepare a home-made mixture of one part vinegar and two parts of linseed oil. After mixing them, you can apply the cleaning solution on the leather furniture surface using a clean soft cloth. Use only circular motions when applying the solution and then let it sit for a few minutes to start acting. When the surface is ready, buff it again with a soft cloth and the leather is now clean and shining.

For removing stains from your leather furniture, first check the stain type and then consider the cleaning solution you will use. If you need to deal with ink stains, have in mind that the leather is very absorbent and you need to act immediately when they happen. When ink stains are new and fresh they are very easy to remove and it should be done with the help of some alcohol. Take a cloth dampen in alcohol and dab with it the stained area without using pressure. After treating the stain, dry the area of the leather furniture.


leaners Slough recommend you to keep in mind the following tips on cleaning leather furniture every time when you are dealing with them. Avoid using cleaners that contain harsh chemical, because they easily damage the leather; always vacuum and dust them; don’t put your furniture under direct sunlight; dry the furniture only on fresh air.